Panels Made From Stamped Diecuts

Panels Made From Stamped Diecuts

Hello Friends! In today’s video I demonstrate a technique that is one of my absolute favorite ways to stretch your floral stamps and dies!

Stamped Diecuts Panels

Watch below or on my YouTube channel.

I used it before to create lacy trifold cards with Waffle Flower’s Pretty Wings Stamp Set, you can check that video out here.

WFC201903-271231 XOXO-Channin 1C

Today I change it up a little and create custom openings in my stamped diecut panels for my sentiment.

WFC201903-271231 XOXO-Channin 1B

I love that the openings could be whatever shape you want! I chose a simple circle and a heart but I think a diamond or an oval would be beautiful too!

WFC201903-271231 XOXO-Channin 1D

You can even create an opening for a critter or a person, really the possibilities are endless!!

I hope you enjoyed and thanks so much for stopping by!



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